Get Creative for BBQ Season!

Description: BBQ season is back and better than ever! Try some of our favourite ways to keep the most classic season of the year fresh, fun, and exciting.

It’s that time of year again…barbeque season is back! Or, for some, it never really ended. The thought of firing up the grill may have you dreaming of burgers and hotdogs and juicy steaks – and we can’t say we blame you, they’re some of our faves, too! While there’s no denying that the staples are here to stay, changing things up on the grill is a fun way to get that creative energy flowing – and we don’t think your taste buds will complain!

Use fruit

Grilling high-acidity fruits can bring out a lot of sweetness and make for a great side or an after-dinner dessert. Try tropical options like sliced pineapple with cinnamon, or mango with drizzles lime. Grilled bananas are a delicious addition to a plain chocolate or vanilla ice cream – add some brown sugar for extra sweetness, and make sure your grate is well-oiled, so they don’t stick!

Try more unique meat and fish

We’ve all got our go-to cuts for the grill, but it can be fun to change things up! Step outside your comfort zone and try a white fish like grilled haddock instead of shrimp. White fish are mild and absorb other flavours, so seasoning with lemon or dill will go a long way. Cooking for some major burger lovers? Try buffalo or lamb. The variety in flavour lends itself to more options for toppings – like brie cheese, or mint jelly.

Pick a fun apron

If you don’t want to make waves in the flavour department – we get it! Sometimes you’ve just got a craving for a classic – and they are staples for a reason, after all. But a classic meal definitely doesn’t have to be boring – don a cheeky apron, grab some bright-coloured tongs, or snag yourself a fun chef’s hat. Take it to the next level and coordinate a theme, like cowboys & Southern BBQ. It’s all about having fun – whether that’s what you’re cooking or what you wear to cook it!

Article by: Trish Carnahan

Posted on May 19th, 2020