Maximize your meat delivery service!

We want our truLOCAL customers to love their monthly box subscription as much as we do so here are some awesome tips on how to maximize your truLOCAL meat subscription.

You likely noticed that we are very passionate about providing our customers with a great customer experience. We love it almost as much as we love supporting local, making our customers’ lives more convenient, and serving up the best products, every time. In order to ensure that our customers have the best experience possible from truLOCAL, we have compiled some great tips on how they can maximize a truLOCAL meat subscription service.

Learn what you prefer

There are so many great products available from truLOCAL that it can be hard deciding what to get in your next box. One great tip is learn which cuts of meat and fish you prefer and make sure that they are frequently in your box order. Your preferences might be easy to spot, like maybe you love beef but do not like fish, or they might be harder to see, like if you prefer grass fed and finished beef over grain finished beef. Oh, don’t worry if you don’t know if you prefer grass finished beef or not - we have a blog about grass fed beef to explain the differences - and you can experiment with beef later to find out. 

Adding family favourites to each box is a great way to ensure you get the most from your box but not all items need to be repeated buys of just old favourites. In fact, truLOCAL is a great way to try something new every once in a while.

Try something new

We recommend trying something new with your truLOCAL order every so often just to keep things exciting. It could be as easy as trying a new type of meat to change up the usual recipe to see if it improves it. You could try using ground chicken in your favourite Taco Tuesday recipe or try a completely new-to-you cut of steak next time you fire up the BBQ. You could even try a completely new recipe. Don’t let not knowing how to prepare it hold you back from experimenting. truLOCAL has it covered with a bunch of great recipes to make sure that you will know exactly what to do with whatever you are experimenting with. If you are looking for something exciting to try right now, head over to the Honey Garlic wings by Stephanie Kay - we think that it is the best honey garlic wing recipe out there and they taste way better than they do at your local pub or restaurant.

Try something unique to your region

We love to connect our customers to the local farmers and suppliers from their very own region so another great tip is to try the unique offerings that your region has to offer. If you are in BC, try the amazing seafood or the pastrami crusted bacon. If you are in Alberta, try the Wild Boar Bacon or maybe some bison. It's even easier if you try it in a format that you already love like a buffalo burger, elk burger, ground wild boar, or ground bison. If you are in Ontario, go for the Lake Erie Pickerel or a water buffalo sausage. Because we specialize in local, we cannot offer all products in every zone. So, take advantage of what is truly unique in your local area and celebrate local.

Choose cuts with multiple servings

When trying to maximize your truLOCAL box, we recommend looking for cuts that offer more than just one meal so that you can really stretch the value of each box. Examples of stretching out meat is using ground meats for lasagna or choosing a sirloin tip roast over premium steaks to feed more people with fewer points. Actually, a roast can stretch in two different ways: it can serve many people at one meal or one person for a week's worth of leftovers. Selecting cuts like roasts, ground meats, or whole chickens give you the ability to make many meals from one selection.

Alternate between the basics and fancier cuts

This tip comes from our customers and it is a great way to get the most out of you truLOCAL subscription. The idea is simple: alternate between the basic supplies that you need for your everyday meals and the fancier cuts for making a meal fancy- like celebrating special occasions. By alternating between the two, you can get all the meat used on a regular basis (like ground meat, chicken breasts, etc.) but also get your premium products (like filet mignon, lobster tails, scallops, etc.). Now you can cook everyday meals or celebrate whenever you need to - even if it is just celebrating getting through the week!

Go for the larger sized box

It might sound like we are trying to get you to buy something more expensive but here us out - we are telling you how to get free points in every box. As you might already know, truLOCAL offers two sizes of boxes, each with their own specific number of points and price. Customers can choose from either the “starter box” (which is misleading because it is still pretty big) and the “family box” which is less than twice the price and has more than twice the number of points. It’s basically getting extra points for free. If you're worried about spending more on meat or being able to eat it all before your next box shows up, don’t worry. You can change the delivery frequency of your subscription so that you only get your box half as often. There! we just gave you two free points per box for a slightly lower price.

As an environmental bonus, when you upgrade to a family box but have it delivered less frequently, it’s better for the environment - it's less packaging and less fuel but still the amazing value. Everyone wins. The extra points allow you to get more bacon, ground meat, or whatever else you want - now EVERYONE wins!

Get the shipping date that works for you

While we are discussing that you can change your frequency, we should also mention that you can change your shipping dates, to delay or speed up when your next box ships. Keep in mind that changing the shipping date of the box will also change the date of future boxes and their payments. This is because we still ship boxes according to however many weeks between shipments you selected. So if you need to stock up in a hurry, click the “Get your box now” button in your account and get your next box asap. If you need to delay, click “change your next billing date" and it will change when your next box arrives. You can delay it for up to 6 months.

There you have it - the top ways to maximize the value of your truLOCAL meat delivery subscription. We want you to love the truLOCAL products just as much as we do. We think that it is important to get the best items in your box, by both focusing on what you already love and/or or trying something new or something unique to your area. You can maximize value by making more than one meal from a selection, by alternating between the basics and fancier cuts, or by getting two free points per box by selecting the family-sized box and slowing down the frequency. There are just so many ways to tailor your box to your preferences. To implement some of our tips, head on over to your account page if you are already a truLOCAL subscriber or, if you’re not, sign up today!

***Update: Originally, the starter box was called the small box and the family box was called the regular box. We changed these names in June 2022 because they were misleading. The small box was far from small and the regular box sounded like it was referring to its frequency of delivery.

Posted on July 20th, 2023