Fresh Meat Delivery Is The Best Way To Start Barbeque Season

Barbeque season is upon us, and with truLOCAL’s fresh meat delivery service, it is now easier than ever to get a custom box of high-quality, locally raised meat and grass fed beef brought right to your door anywhere in Ontario.

For many Canadians, the May long weekend marks the unofficial beginning of summer. Families across the country will celebrate the beginning of the season by rolling out the grill and inviting friends and family over for the first barbeque of the year, and when they fire up the grill, there is one main ingredient that they will want to throw on it: meat.


Barbequing holds a curious place in the Canadian psyche. In many ways, the grill is as important an element of our national identity as hockey or maple syrup, and yet despite our documented passion for barbequing, we have not developed the kind of distinct barbeque tradition associated with regions of the American South. St. Louis, Missouri has its spare ribs, North Carolina has its pork shoulder in red vinegar sauce, and Texas has its moist, slow-cooked meat on a bun, but in Canada our barbequing habits are simpler: all we need is a high-quality steak, a light salt-and-pepper rub, some burning coals, and maybe some maple chips for flavour. The While it might seem like the Canadian palette is just easier to please, the reality is that our simple taste is a response to the quality of meat we are accustomed to consuming.


Because the Canadian grilling tradition values the best ingredients cooked simply, if you want to impress your neighbours at the first cookout of the year, the most important thing to think about is where you are sourcing your meat from — and if you’re in Ontario, you should order your meat through truLOCAL if want to serve the very best the province has to offer.


Ordering from truLOCAL means getting locally raised meat that is antibiotic-free and without added hormones delivered straight to your home, office, gym, or cottage within two days. Ordering from truLOCAL also means getting a regular supply of the best quality Ontario meat without having to go on extensive shopping trips to hard-to-find artisanal providers. The truLOCAL service blends the best elements of modern life — ease of access, affordability, and flexible delivery — with the attention to craft that Canadian farmers have been bringing to their work for generations. If the Canadian barbeque tradition grew out of our ready access to meat so good it didn’t need to be heavily seasoned to be delicious, truLOCAL gives you the opportunity to re-create the best parts of that tradition without having to visit the farm yourself.



While truLOCAL caters to those who like their beef with all its natural flavours, our menu encompasses a lot more than just beef. With truLOCAL, you also have the chance to explore new options like buffalo burgers, gourmet sausages, and wild-caught fish. We have tons of meat products available and our selection goes far beyond what you would find even at a specialty butcher shop. Whether you are looking for pork tenderloin, filet mignon, whole chickens, or a few pounds of ground lamb, truLOCAL can provide you with mouth-watering options that will make you the envy of your guests.


As Canadians become more aware of the degree to which industrial farming is having a significant impact on the quality of their food, many are pushing for a more natural approach to raising meat, one that recognizes the importance of traditional farming practices that were practiced for centuries before the rise of the feedlot. This has resulted in growing popular support for products like grass fed beef, which has unquestionably been one of the biggest ethical-eating trends of the past decade.


Beef that is grass fed is raised on a diet more suited to the cow’s digestive system, which consequently leads to healthier, more flavourful meat. Millions of North Americans becoming convinced of the superior taste and health benefits of eating beef that has been raised naturally, and while it is getting easier to find grass fed beef in specialist butchers and even some high-end supermarkets, depending where in Ontario you live, it may be difficult to find out where your beef comes from and how it has been raised. For those who want to ensure they are serving the best meat on the market, truLOCAL now offers high quality grass fed beef for delivery anywhere in Ontario. Through truLOCAL, you can have grass fed beef striploin steaks, ground beef, and even bone broth delivered directly to you, which you can serve confident in the knowledge that it has been sourced locally. 


If you want to explore how truLOCAL can revolutionize your summer barbeques, check out our custom box options and start picking your meat today. Depending on your particular needs, you can choose a Starter box (up to 18 individual portions) or a Family box (up to 40 individual portions), which can be delivered every two weeks, three weeks, six weeks, or on a monthly basis. If you want a general assortment of meats, you can simply sign up for one of our pre-selected options, or you can build your own box using our innovative points systems, which allows you to create an order that contains all your favourite cuts for a standard price. You can expect your order to arrive within one or two days, and because we use special refrigerated delivery boxes, you don’t need to worry about being home to receive the order.


The May holiday weekend has long been a time for Canadians to gather with their loved ones and savour the beginning of summer by cooking up some tasty dishes. If you want to impress your friends and family this year, why not brush up on your barbequing skills, order a box of premium Ontario beef, pork, and chicken, and fire up the grill? With truLOCAL’s delivery service bringing the best local, sustainable meat right to your door, it’s easier than ever to serve the most succulent meat this province has to offer.

Posted on September 22nd, 2023