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Eating Local Is Easy With Fresh Meat Delivery


Barbeque season is here again, and for most Canadians that means one thing: great tasting meat grilled artfully over the coals in the company of good friends. Canadians are famous for their love of barbeque, and with the summer heating up and work winding down, many are looking forward to long weekends spent flipping burgers and marinating steaks. And if they want those burgers and steaks to be the best possible quality, they will make sure they are sourced from the best local providers.


Not only is local, naturally-raised meat healthier, it also just tastes better — as anyone who has enjoyed a grass-fed steak can tell you. But it isn’t always easy to find local meat, especially if you live in a city. Many grocery stores don’t provide information about point of origin for the meat they carry, and even when they do, it can be hard to tell whether it has been feedlot-raised on grass-fed. That is why we offer the best guaranteed local meat for delivery anywhere in Ontario. With meat delivery services from truLOCAL Ontarians everywhere can access beef, pork, chicken, and even buffalo raised in-province at one of our partner farms and suppliers.


Not only is all of our meat locally raised (or, in the case of our mouth-watering fish options, wild-caught), it is also sustainable. Our chickens are free-run, our meat is antibiotic free with no added hormones, and we offer grass fed beef for those who want the steaks and burgers they slap on the grill to be as lean, fresh, and healthy as possible. Because grass-fed beef is raised on pastures rather than feedlots, the meat is richer in vitamins and nutrients, and this (combined with its incredible flavour) has made it one of the hottest sustainable food trends going.


If you want to enjoy the best local meat at your next barbeque, start putting your order together today. In addition to our grass-fed beef options, truLOCAL also have a wide variety of other meats available for delivery as well. Whether you are looking for classic grill items like filet mignon, pork back and side ribs, chicken breasts, and sausages, or more exotic options like buffalo burgers, lamb shank, or pickerel, truLOCAL’s innovative points system allows you to build a standard-priced meat box containing exactly what you want — or you can choose one of our barbeque boxes, specially designed to include all your grilling favourites. You can even opt to set up a repeating order so that you always have more fresh local meat on hand when the grilling mood strikes you. 


Canada Day weekend is coming up, and if you want to wow your friends and family with a real holiday weekend barbeque, don’t have to settle for second-rate meat just because there isn’t a high-end butcher in your area. With truLOCAL’s innovative delivery service, you can have the very best local Ontario meat delivered right to your home, apartment, office, or cottage anywhere in the province, guaranteeing that your guests get only the best. Give truLOCAL a try this month, and find out just how easy it is to can be!

Posted on September 22nd, 2023