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Shop for WW SmartPoints®-friendly, locally sourced meat products online and make fewer trips to the grocery store.

Amazing company!!! They have the best customer service, delivery is speedy, and the quality of the meat cannot be beat!!! We love it and always have our freezer stocked.

-Jessica P.
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Our Why

truLOCAL and WW both understand the power of choice. Whether it’s a recipe to cook, or a cut of meat to buy, choosing what suits you best makes all the difference in building and sustaining healthy habits. We’re working together to inspire those habits – while removing the barriers. We both believe in eating better quality food and providing people with the tools to do so in the technological age. WW and truLOCAL are thrilled to have partnered to continue helping people on their health journey with high-quality food, convenient delivery, and customizable options.

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Featured Products

Customize your box with all of your favourite local meat and fish. Whether it’s 100% grass-fed and finished beef, wild-caught salmon, or boneless skinless chicken breasts raised without antibiotics, we’ve got you covered! Have it all delivered right to your door.

Know your SmartPoints®

Our products are labelled with SmartPoints® so that you don’t have to guess - ever. You can plan each day, week, and meal around your plan and stay on track with ease. SmartPoints® are calculated by WW based on the nutritional facts table - for recipes, too!

The WW Signature Box

Our exclusive WW Signature Box is custom curated with your MyWW™ plan in mind. With no subscription required, these one-off boxes are updated quarterly to include top-tracked products and fan favourites, so you can keep things fresh in the kitchen with one quick click. Your box also comes with three great recipes - SmartPoints® included, to make mealtime just as easy as staying on track with your plan.

Free Delivery

Order online today and get 100% grass-fed beef delivered in your next box, all with free delivery.

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How it works

Build a box

Choose from a variety of our locally sourced products including mouth-watering 100% grass fed steaks, delicious air chilled chicken, or wild caught sockeye salmon.

Delivery to your door

We deliver our meat in refrigerated coolers so that your products will stay frozen until you get home. Have your box delivered right to your house, apartment, office, or gym!

Start cooking!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the best quality meat delivery Ontario has to offer without having to leave home.

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Trusted by thousands across Canada

When we say local, we mean local!

IIf you’re customizing a box in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, or Quebec, your products are always local to your province.

Most talked about cuts

What's the deal with 100% grass-fed and finished beef? Why is wild caught salmon so popular? Find out about some of our most talked about cuts below.

100% Grass-Fed & Finished Beef

Beef from cattle that have been on a 100% grass-fed diet their entire lives. One of our most popular products!

Typically lower in calories and saturated fat
Generally higher healthy fat and protein content

Wild-Caught Salmon

Unlike some frozen sockeye salmon, which is caught using a net and sent to China for processing, this salmon is wild caught using a hook and line and shipped to Canada.

Known to have a higher Vitamin D content than farmed salmon
Generally lower in fat and calorie content

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