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Pan-fried Bacon & Brussels Sprouts

Written by Trish Carnahan
  • 35 mins
  • 2

Perfect as a side dish or a savoury main, this one-pan meal featuring local bacon and delicious Brussels sprouts is as delicious as it is simple. Did you know? If you're in Ontario, you can add Brussels sprouts (and lots of other tasty fruits & veggies) to your order!


  • 170 g Brussels sprouts
  • four slices bacon
  • one tbsp olive oil
  • salt
  • pepper


1.    Place Brussels sprouts into colander and rinse thoroughly

2.    Cut ends from Brussels sprouts and halve each remaining portion

3.    Add oil to large pan at medium heat

4.    Cut bacon strips into 1-inch pieces

5.    Add Brussels sprouts to pan, cook for 4-5 minutes until edges begin to brown

6.    Add bacon to pan, stir until thoroughly mixed

7.    Cover and cook for 18-20 minutes, stirring periodically, until bacon is crispy and Brussels sprouts are browned

8.    Remove from heat, add salt and pepper to taste

9.    Enjoy!

If you're located in Ontario, login to your account and add non-GMO fruits and vegetables to your next box! You can up to four of these delicious one-time add-ons per order.

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