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Looking For Local Grass-Fed Beef? Home Delivery Has You Covered!


Where does your food come from? How far did it travel to your plate? Who farmed and raised it, and what methods did they use?


If you have been following trends in food culture in North America over the past decade, these questions will all sound very familiar. The twentieth century saw major changes in food culture for both urban and rural Canadians and Americans, with new methods of preservation and more mechanized approaches to agricultural leading to the emergence of intensive animal farming and other high-volume approaches to raising livestock. As people have become more aware of the negative environmental and health impacts that come with factory farming, many are turning to local, naturally raised alternatives.


This new interest in local food has been a boon to small-scale farmers, many of whom have been at the forefront in adapting more environmentally friendly farming techniques, and more natural ways of raising crops and cattle. For these farmers, being able to connect with markets that value their artisanal approach and respect the hard work and dedication that go into raising livestock in traditional and health conscious ways has been an important way of resisting the homogenization of big agribusiness.


But while it remains common in many rural communities for farmers to sell their product locally through butcher shops and markets, connecting thriving artisanal livestock operations to customers in larger urban centres has been a challenge. Despite the fact that there is a growing urban market for local, sustainably raised meat, sourcing genuine product from supermarkets and chain grocery stores is very difficult. And while more affluent neighbourhoods typically have an artisanal butcher shop, the locations of these shops are not always convenient for ordinary shoppers to get to.


This is why the best alternative is to get meat delivered to your home using truLOCAL’s fresh meat delivery service. With truLOCAL it is easy to get the best quality Ontario meat delivered directly to your door, no matter where in Ontario you live. With truLOCAL, you can build a meat box from our wide selection of products using our innovative points system, or select one of our delicious variety boxes. Once you’ve selected the meat you want, you can decide whether to make it a one-time order, or set up a repeating order so you always have local Ontario meat on hand. After you place your order, you can expect delivery within two days. Because we deliver in refrigerated boxes, you don’t need to worry about being home to receive your order. We can leave the box on your doorstep or with your concierge, and it will stay cold and frozen until the end of the day.


Switching to local is a great way to ensure that the meat you are eating has been raised in more natural conditions, but if you really want to guarantee that you are getting the best possible local meat, make sure to buy high quality grass fed beef sourced from an Ontario producer. True grass fed beef has not been raised (or finished) on feed, and has a richer, more nuanced flavour than beef that has been fed on the starchier diet that is typical of feedlots. Grass feeding is important if you want to make sure your beef is as tasty as possible, and grass-fed beef is also proven to be healthier. Lower in calories and saturated fats and packed full of good fats and protein, grass fed beef comes from cows that have been raised on a forage-only diet, as opposed to a mix of grass, grain, and corn. Grass feeding is better for the cow and better for you, which is why truLOCAL offers a variety of different cuts, including grass fed striploin, grass fed ground beef, and grass fed beef bone broth


But while truLOCAL offers some of the best beef in Ontario, this is only the beginning: no matter what your preferred meat or cut is, we probably stock it. We have a huge variety of meat products available for delivery in each meat box. You can choose one of our pre-selected options, including our popular barbeque boxes (which include special selections of our most grill-friendly meat and fish), or customize your own box to include the meat you love best. From basic favourites like beef burgers, bacon, and chicken breast to more exotic fare like buffalo ribeye, filet mignon, and gourmet sausages, truLOCAL offers a selection to rival any supermarket or butcher. We also offer a variety of different wild-caught fish, including pickerel, Alaskan salmon, Icelandic cod, and shrimp.


For many of us, meat will always be at the centre of the meal. A juicy cut of beef or great tasting rack of ribs isn’t just a dish, it embodies a long set of cultural traditions. Whether you are cooking a Sunday roast, flipping burgers on the grill, stuffing a chicken with your own secret mix of bread and herbs or serving up a leg of lamb, you are engaging in an age-old tradition. Whether your favourite recipes come from your grandparents or your newest friends, preparing food is a way of coming together with the people you care about and bonding over a shared love of food. This is why it is important to make sure you are using only the best ingredients, and sourcing your meat from local producers who care as much about your food as you do. Check out truLOCAL’s delivery service, and discover why so many Ontarians are getting excited about fresh, local meat. 

Posted on September 22nd, 2023