How COVID-19 Has Changed the Way We Shop for Groceries

In the Time of Coronavirus, Grocery Delivery is King

Over the first several months of 2020, many aspects of everyday life changed in direct response to the coronavirus pandemic. Even simple things like socializing with friends and family were special events that needed to be held over video chat.

With large numbers of people now working from home, major adjustments in daily schedules and routines have been necessary, so perhaps unsurprisingly, COVID-19 has also had an impact on how we shop for groceries.

While it is still possible in some regions to visit supermarkets and pick out items in person, safety measures have been put in place to reduce crowding and ensure safety for workers and patrons alike. It is not uncommon to see line-ups outside grocery stores in large cities like Toronto, and even within the shops themselves entire aisles have been dedicated to one-way traffic to reduce the chances of people running into each other.

Given all this, Canadians have significantly decreased the frequency of their shopping trips, and are exploring alternatives to in-person shopping. For many, ordering online is becoming the new norm when it comes to grocery shopping.

If you live in a large urban area, you probably have no shortage of delivery options. But this article will make the case for why subscription services like truLOCAL are still a better source for meat delivery in Canada when compared to the alternatives.

Meat Boxes from truLOCAL Provide You with Premium Products

One of the things that sets truLOCAL’s service apart from generic grocery delivery is the quality of the product. From the very beginning, we truLOCAL has been committed to connecting subscribers with high-quality beef, pork, chicken, buffalo, and seafood.

From our grass-fed ground beef to our wild-caught shrimp and scallops, we make it easy for ordinary shoppers to buy exceptional food.

Just as we prioritize quality, we also work hard to make sure our subscribers have plenty of options when it comes to their order. For example, if you check out our selection of best steaks for delivery you’ll find a wide range of cuts including:

·      Top sirloin

·      Striploin

·      Grass fed and finished striploin

·      Ribeye

·      Grass fed and finished ribeye

·      Filet mignon

·      Grass fed and finished filet mignon

·      Fast fry steak (basically a thinner cut striploin)

In addition to classic cuts, truLOCAL also offers plenty of choice if you want to expand your palette and try new recipes with new ingredients. If you’re in the mood to experiment, you can also include any of the following meats in your order:

·      Lamb shank

·      Buffalo ribeye

·      Korean style short ribs

·      Wild caught Atlantic sea scallops

·      Rosemary garlic lamb burgers

·      Mild Italian water buffalo sausage

·      Honey garlic water buffalo sausage

·      Lobster tails

Few delivery services give you such a range of options, and with our easy-to-use points system, customizing your order couldn’t be easier.

When You Order Through truLOCAL, You’re Supporting Ontario Farmers

Independent farms and producers in Canada have been hit hard by the pandemic, and some small family farms may even be facing bankruptcy due to the decrease in demand.

Small, independent farms are the backbone of communities across Canada, and one of the benefits of shopping with truLOCAL is that we connect you directly to meat from livestock raised in your home province. We believe that a thriving local food industry benefits producers and consumers alike, which is why we partner with a range of suppliers who share our passion for local food.

If you want to learn about our suppliers we provide lots of information on our website about the farms, butchers, and producers we source our food from in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta. When you order through truLOCAL, you aren’t just getting great food — you’re also playing a role in supporting local agriculture during this critical time. 

A truLOCAL Subscription Makes Buying Groceries Easy and Affordable

One of the best tips for working from home is to order groceries online so that you always have healthy ingredients in the fridge for when hunger strikes and you need a break. Not only does this reduce the temptation to order out all the time (which, in addition to being expensive, can also be bad for your health), it also makes it easier to stick to your meal plan and budget, because the cost of your subscription remains flat even if you choose to customize your box. 

If you want to make sure you have meats you’ll be excited to cook on hand, but you also want to stay within your budget, here’s how you can save money with subscriptions that repeat automatically:

·      A subscription can be set on a bi-weekly, tri-weekly, or monthly basis, so you don’t need to lock in to a certain amount each week.

·      truLOCAL meat boxes come in two sizes, so you only have to pay for as much as you need.

·      Each of our meat boxes is available at a flat rate, and you select the meats you want using our points system.

With the coronavirus pandemic now in its ninth month and cases spiking across the country once again, many Canadians have adjusted to the new reality of life during COVID-19. With a vaccine still months away, the best way for Canadians to prepare for the coming winter is to embrace new routines and new habits that will keep themselves and everyone around them safe.

Signing up for truLOCAL delivery is a good way to reduce your potential for exposure, and to reduce the chances that vulnerable workers like cashiers and bus drivers will come into contact with the virus — all while supporting Canadian producers and ensuring that your family has a ready supply of quality meats for all your favourite winter stews, casseroles, and roasts.

A Hope for the Future

It seems now in 2023 that life has returned to as close as we may ever get to the way things were before the pandemic. There are no more lineups for groceries or stock-piling toilet paper but there are still situations that call for social distancing. We understand that most people are still concerned about outbreaks and keeping our communities safe and we are too. We want to thank the people that take safety seriously and help us deliver our products in a safe manner. From our own suppliers and warehouse crews, to the shippers and others handling our deliveries, what you do matters. Thank you to all of our customers that have spread the word to others about a better way to get meat and seafood. We can only get through this working together and we appreciate every single one of you.

This was originally posted in early 2020 and updated August 2021 and January 2023.

Posted on January 18th, 2023