truLOCAL's amazing new products Fall 2022

We love adding new products to our already amazing lineup. Sourcing new products from local farmers, butchers and producers is our passion. Find out what's new @truLOCAL

What just happened? We blinked and all of the sudden it’s already Fall. That’s why it’s dark so early and why you need a sweater when you go outside. Fall also means that we have a bunch of new products in our warehouses that we can’t wait for you to try.

BC, Alberta, and Ontario

We admit that it is unusual for us to launch a product in three of our zones but we have found some really great deli snacks for you to try. If you love high-protein snacks for on the go, you are going to love our new meat sticks. They are compact enough to easily toss into a bag for your next hike, car ride, or just surfing your desk at work. I have to admit that these meat sticks are quickly becoming my favourite truLOCAL items. Try the sticks from Atwood Heritage made with some really cool and unique meat sources like bison, venison, wild boar, and grass-fed angus beef in both a mild and spicy. Atwood Heritage is a small artisanal producer that ferments and smokes their small batches of meat sticks and I swear that you can taste to care that they take to make them. The flavour and texture of these sticks are incredible.

We also welcome Stemmler Meats to the truLOCAL family with their meat sticks and jerky. We love their meat sticks and you will too. Try their mild, and turkey, (and soon to be added, my kids’ fave: honey garlic flavour). They are all great but I have to recommend the turkey sticks. We love that they use real ingredients that I can pronounce, rather than ingredients that sound like chemical experiments. These are shorter than the Atwood sticks so they are perfect for packed lunches or charcuterie boards and they come in a pack of 10 so they are easily shared and a really great value.

You didn’t hear this from me but we are going to carry Stemmler’s amazing jerky soon too. They have three amazing flavours: regular, Korean BBQ, and sweet heat. Cut against the grain from the inside round of beef, Stemmler’s jerky is marinated and tumbled for at least 16 hours before being hot smoked over natural maple hardwood chips. (spoiler alert: this makes for a delicious jerky with just the right amount of chew). 


Ontario is getting spoiled with new items because Ontario has our largest number of customers so we always test out new things there first to see if our customers will love them or not. The most surprising new item in my opinion are the two grass-fed butters (both in salted with sea salt and unsalted) from MC Dairy. They are incredibly smooth and rich and adds a completely new section to the truLOCAL marketplace: Dairy.

In other huge news, we have added two new suppliers that offer sustainably raised fish. We love Springhills’ full filets of arctic char, pickerel, and rainbow trout and love the new salmon filets, Nova lox, and cooked cold water shrimp from Afishionado. We asked you what you wanted us to add to our marketplace and your response was very clear that you wanted high-quality, sustainably sourced fish. Water you waiting for?

If your work-life balance is anything like mine, you look for some dinner hacks on the regular. Look no further than our fully prepared lasagnas. We have partnered with Pretto’s Pasta because they simply make the best lasagnas available. Look for the vegetable lasagna, lasagna bolognese, and the Queen of all lasagnas in our marketplace. My family prefers the “Queen” for its creamy bechamel layer but even the vegetable lasagna is a winner (and y’all know I love meat).

In order to offer the deli snacks that you requested, we have partnered with Carnivore Club, a company that specializes in dried meats such as salami and prosciutto. We offer two of their beautiful boxes: the Snack box and Charcuterie box. Both are great examples of what Carnivore Club offers, with the Charcuterie box being a little larger. They are available in the add-on section of the marketplace. With these boxes, the Atwood meat sticks, and the Stemmler’s meat sticks, we definitely have a lot of great dried meat options (and I couldn’t be happier).

We recently launched a lot for Thanksgiving such as whole turkeys, turkey roasts, gravy, and even stuffing, and we will keep selling them until after Christmas. The whole turkey and the turkey roast are both available in our marketplace and the gravy and stuffing are available as add-ons. We also offer two curated boxes that basically cover you for the entire meal if you want to simplify your life. The Turkey Essentials Box comes an all-white turkey roast, cranberries, and butter, and let’s you bring your own sides. If you need to cook for a larger crowd, the Roast Turkey Dinner Box comes with it all, including a whole turkey, gravy, stuffing, and veggies. 

Speaking of veggies, we have moved some of your favourite frozen fruit and veggies out of the add-on section and into the marketplace (so they are just waiting to be added to your next box). Go to our products page and check out our butternut squash, green beans, broccoli, kale, sweet potatoes, mango, raspberries, bananas, and blueberries.

We also have two new flavours of beef short ribs from VG meats. Try their Southwest-style and Korean-style marinated beef short ribs. Although better on the grill in my opinion, these thin ribs are easily prepared in the oven too. They are a flavourful way to keep that feeling of summer going all winter long.

There you have it. Lots of new products in each of our zones and lots being tested in Ontario. Personally, I like that truLOCAL is helping to simplify my life by offering some prepared meals and snacks such as the lasagnas, jerky, and meat sticks. More variety makes choosing which products I get every month more exciting and more prepared meals means easier lunches and dinners (and there are even more prepared meals are in the works). We hope that you love these new options as much as we do.

Article by: Steven Tippin

Posted on October 20th, 2022