You can enjoy sausages even in the winter!

With so many amazing specialty sausages in each region, even putting away your bbq isn’t reason enough not to try our regional sausages.

Okay, we get it. Barbecues are soon going into winter storage for most Canadians but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a great sausage. We love sausages all year long! We just have to find a different way to cook them like in the oven, pan-fried, or even boiled. We have lots of sausage recipes for you to try, even if the snow is flying, so keep that taste of summer going all year long.

truLOCAL has a lot of amazing and unique sausages specific to each region that we serve. Because we deal with local farmers and suppliers, we can’t get the same products all across Canada. This means that truLOCAL can showcase the best of what your region has to offer and you can celebrate your province with these amazing sausages. 

British Columbia

BC might have some of our favourite sausages of any region that we serve. Perhaps the beautiful scenery inspired some equally beautiful flavour combinations of sausage. If you want to try something different from the everyday sausage, try our turkey cranberry sausage, chicken pesto sausage, or turkey sausage. They are all lighter than your typical pork or beef sausage but still bring the flavour! We even have a chicken breakfast sausage for you to try.

If you love your sausage on the more traditional side, we have you covered there too. We carry Italian, mild Italian, Bratwurst, Spanish chorizo sausage, steak & mushroom, and breakfast sausage. No sausage lover has to go without when we carry all of these amazing options!. We even have great all beef hot dogs in BC!


Alberta has some amazingly unique sausages as well. Our favourites are the rosemary garlic chicken sausages, honey garlic sausages, and chorizo lamb sausages. Each is truly unique and worth getting in your next box, even when the snow is flying outside.

For those who prefer more traditional sausages, we have both mild Italian chicken and hot Italian pork sausages, as well as grass-fed Italian beef sausages, and breakfast sausages. For those who just love a great hot dog, try our beef hot dogs (we get it! they're not sausages but they are so good that we felt they should make this list).


We often hear from our staff that the best Ontario sausage is either the organic smoky cheddar or the organic smoky pork sausage, both from 3Gen, an organic farm located not too far from our head office. Other favourites are the salt and pepper chicken sausage, mild Italian water buffalo sausage, and garlic sausage. Ontario has many more options to choose from, too many to list here, so head on over to our products page to see what we have to offer. You can just find your perfect sausage!

No need to brush the snow off of your barbecue to keep the taste of summer sausages all year long. Crank’em up in your oven or pan-fry them and serve them with your next meal. Need some inspiration? Try a great non-BBQ sausage recipe like chicken sausage skillet, sweet potato breakfast hash, or chicken sausage minestrone. It will satisfy those sausage cravings until the weather is warm enough to bring the barbecue back out from storage. We love all sausages from those tiny breakfast sausages to the traditional Italian sausages.

Article by: Steven Tippin

Posted on July 20th, 2023