A Bacon Lover’s Best Bacon Recipes

Looking for a way to get more bacon in your life? We have bacon recipes for every meal of the day.

Some say that February is the month of love but we think that our tru love for bacon should be celebrated every month (or even every day). No need to wait for inspiration to strike, we have plenty of bacon recipes for any meal of the day. Here are just a few of our favourite bacon recipes to get your bacon mojo flowing.


It’s no surprise that bacon is great for breakfast but don’t go bacon my heart and throw it beside some eggs (no one puts bacon in the corner). You know that bacon deserves better so try our candied bacon French toast. It perfectly pairs sweet, salty, and smoky and the candied bacon part! This is a must-try.

If you prefer something quick and healthy for those hectic mornings, look no further than our savoury green breakfast bowls which have a healthy dose of kale and quinoa to get you revving. 


Usually, we look for something quick and easy for lunch so that we can get back to work delivering the best locally sourced meat directly to your door. One lunch hack that we love is to make a week’s worth of lunches on the weekend and just quickly reheat them during the week. Soups are perfect for reheating so try our bean and bacon soup or our loaded bacon chicken chowder. They are both hearty, filling, and a great way to warm up before heading back to work (they’re great in a thermos too).

If you need a bit of inspiration for your lunches, we have something a little less common: breakfast poutine. Yes, it does say ‘breakfast’ in the name but when a meal features fries, cheese, and BBQ sauce it seems more like a great lunch (full disclosure that we would totally eat this for breakfast though!).

For those looking for a healthier meal to keep them moving, we recommend upgrading the standard lunch meal of salad to an epic keto cobb salad. Packed with protein and flavour, this hearty salad will keep you full until dinner.


There are so many classic dinners that include bacon that it was hard to keep this section brief so we focused on a few of our absolute favourite recipes. The first is a classic dish that makes full use of the flavour profile of bacon while still keeping it simple: bacon carbonara! It’s creamy, cheesy, and delicious.

If you need to feed a crowd, you can’t go wrong with a super-satisfying casserole like our cheesy bacon burger casserole. It tastes like a backyard barbecue and saves you from clearing the snow from your outdoor grill to get it.

If you are looking for a healthy, light meal that still brings home the bacon, try our bacon wrapped cod. It definitely highlights the bacon while still keeping your stomach feeling nice and light. 

The sweeter side of bacon

Isn’t it odd that we cook bacon but bake cookies?

We all know how well the flavours of salty and sweet work together (sea salt chocolate, salted caramel, peanut butter and chocolate, etc) but why not bridge that gap with bacon. Our favourite way is with candied bacon found in our candied bacon French toast recipe above (add some black pepper or cayenne for a spicy kick) but we also like adding bacon to other baked recipe. 

The proof that bacon bakes well is found in our maple bacon donuts. Light, fluffy, sweet, bacony. Amazing. They says that bacon makes everything better but donuts are pretty good on their own - imagine them with bacon!

Did you know that Bacon pairs well with tangy fruit flavours too? Try it for yourself by making some blueberry bacon pancakes. The tart sweetness of the blueberry combines with the smoky saltiness of the bacon to form some sort of alchemy. It is far greater than the sum of the parts. This flavourful combination can also be found in our blueberry, bacon, and brie burger recipe.


Hey wait, If you are still stuck on only seeing bacon as a side to eggs, we need to help you expand your mind. First up is a family favourite stretching back generations: the baked potato. Our baked potato skins recipe features crunchy bacon on top of soft potato. Perfect side for a delicious steak meal. 

Why only have bacon on the side, let’s try the top! Our easy mushroom bacon topper works amazingly on anything that needs a little flavour kick like chicken breasts. We have even heard of this being served as a topper on lightly toasted baguettes and heard that it was a real crowd pleaser. 


Feel like a small snack to get you through until the next meal? Why settle for a boring snack when you could be eating crispy cauliflower nachos. I know, I know, cauliflower is not your usual go-to for snacks but this recipe is a great way to balance healthy vegetables with, well, nachos. 

Another family favourite, especially for the kiddos, are hashbrown bacon pizzas. They are mini pizza made right on a hashbrown patty. Genius.


Just to prove that bacon can really hold its own in any recipe type, we will finish up by discussing bacon appetizers. Not just any appetizers, fancy bacon appetizers! Let’s begin with a true classic: bacon-wrapped scallops. This appetizer has been popular since the 70s because it is simple, tasty, and sophisticated. The smoky saltiness of bacon pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the scallop. If scallops aren’t your ideal, opt instead for bacon-wrapped dates.

In our minds, nothing beats a nice charcuterie - it’s basically a mini buffet where everyone chooses only what they like to eat. We think that a fun take on the classic charcuterie board is making it breakfast-themed like our bacon breakfast charcuterie.  

We hope that this proves that bacon is incredibly versatile and gives you good reasons to branch outside of serving bacon only as a side to eggs. Bacon has incredible history and flavour that deserves to be celebrated, especially by bacon lovers like us. Happy month of (bacon) love, everyone.

Posted on February 11th, 2022