New products for Spring 2022

Spring is here and so are some great new products at truLOCAL.

truLOCAL’s goals are simple. We make meat delivery in Canada convenient for our amazing customers and we connect local farmers and producers with the people that want their high-quality food. In working towards these goals, we also try to introduce people to new foods and so we are always on the hunt for great new options for our customers. We love to get feedback from customers about what they want us to carry and we love to work with local farmers and producers to get it. 

Recently, we heard that our customers want more options to make eating a delicious meal at home easier by having more fully prepared meal options. We launched a lot of new products over the last few months, many of them fully prepared, and cannot wait for you to try them. Here is what is new in your region:

New truLOCAL Products for British Columbia

Ever since International Pi Day (March 14th or 3.14 get it?), we have been focused on our delicious new pies made by local pie makers located in each region. In BC, we have teamed up with Legends Haul to bring you some amazing local pies, both savoury and sweet. If you’re on team savoury pie, you’ll our new steak & mushroom pie and roasted chicken & smoked corn pie. If you prefer sweet pies, try our blueberry pie or apple pie.  

New truLOCAL Products for Alberta

Alberta is not one to let BC have all the pie-fun! They are getting pies too and they’re pretty sophisticated. Try the Chook (a delicious chicken, cranberries, and camembert cheese pie), the Wilkie (a steak and cheese pie but Wilkie is much more fun to say), and the Ol’ Faithful (ground beef, cheese, and lager - my three favourite food groups!). They’re made by South Island Pies, located in Edmonton, who combine their New Zealand heritage with amazing local ingredients from Alberta. They might make the best flakey crust that we have ever had (sorry, Gramma).

Alberta is also getting chicken wings pre-sauced with exciting new saucy flavours. Now you can order hot chicken wings or honey garlic chicken wings. They’re from Kingsland Hutterite Colony who raise their free-run chickens on a vegetable and grain mixed diet in New Dayton, Alberta and never use any added hormones or antibiotics. Load up your freezer with your favourite wings so you’re ready for the next time that you crave chicken wings! Tell us which flavour is best (we’re betting on hot but that's because we love hot wings!).

New truLOCAL Products for Ontario

Let’s start the list of Ontario launches with some exciting new pies! Ontario truLOCAL customers can add chicken pot pie, steak & cheese pie or apple pie to their next order. These pies are from the alchemist/bakers at Sharman’s Proper Pies in Toronto. They’re ready for the oven and are great for those nights when you can’t decide what to make for dinner or dessert or just want great food with none of the hard work involved with pie-making. 

If you love bacon as much as we do, you’ll be excited that we are expanding our options for Ontario bacon lovers. We have launched maple bacon and beef bacon from the family-run farms at VG Meats, located in Simcoe, Ontario, where they raise high-quality meat without the use of antibiotics. Both have amazing flavour and are great options for trying something different from the bacon that you had as a kid. They might even become your favourite bacon!

With summer right around the corner, truLOCAL is introducing two amazing bbq-ready sausages from VG Meats in Simcoe, Ontario. Get some jalapeno & cheddar chicken sausages and feta & leek chicken sausages before they sell out!. Both have incredible flavour and are made with chicken so they won’t feel as heavy in your stomach as some fattier pork sausages might.

Excited yet? 

We are too! We love to introduce new and exciting locally sourced protein options for you and your family. Remember that we specialize in connecting local consumers with the food producers in their local region so we cannot offer every product outside of the zones they are raised/made in. I know, it makes me sad too. I really wanted to try Alberta’s pie called the Chook! Luckily, all regions have some exciting new options to try. Are we missing products that you would like us to carry? Let us know on our Facebook page or email us! Happy eating, Canada!

Article by: Steven Tippin

Posted on July 20th, 2023