New truLOCAL Products for Summer 2022

Time to celebrate our new product launches! Read about our newest faves and items that you must try this summer!

Holy Moly! We are launching so many products this year and they all look incredible! We are adding a new category of products and so many great new products that we thought we should take some time and introduce you to them. Check out the new truLOCAL options that we are excited about this summer:

News for All Zones in Canada (BC, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and the Rest of Canada)

Big changes are happening to truLOCAL marketplace and some of them are happening across every zone. truLOCAL has always been your go-to for premium frozen meat that is perfect for dinners and lunches but now we want to be your go-to for protein on the go too!

A Whole New Category of Products

truLOCAL is adding a whole new category of products for those looking for high-protein, grab-and-go snacks to eat on the way home from the gym, surfing a work desk all day, or loading into a child’s lunchbox. Our new “Deli & Snacks” section features meaty snacks that are full of flavour and you can get a whole lot of them for only 1 point! Login to your account and click the “edit my box” button to see all of our products. You can filter to only our new snacks by selecting the “Deli & Snack” tab from the row above the products (or type “deli” or “snacks” in the search bar). 

To celebrate this new section, we are introducing new meat sticks in every zone by Atwood Heritage. They are a small-batch artisanal producer of meat sticks that use unique game meats like bison, venison, wild boar, and even grass-fed Angus beef (used in both a mild and hot) for their incredible meat sticks. They are made with simple ingredients like meat, maple syrup, salt, pepper, and garlic, and they are fermented, cured, and smoked. 

New Ontario Products

From new suppliers and products to a whole new category of products being added to the marketplace, Ontario is getting absolutely spoiled this summer. Let’s start with the super exciting stuff. 

Stemmler Meats

Not one to be outdone by the Atwood Heritage meat sticks, Stemmler Meats are supplying Ontario truLOCAL customers with many deliciously protein-packed meat sticks such as their award-winning mild beef and pork sticks, honey garlic beef and pork, and turkey that are so delicious, you’ll wonder why they only cost one point!

The Big Bruce Burger

If you have been a customer of truLOCAL for a while now, you may remember a product called the Big Bruce. If you don’t remember it, it is a 5.3 oz (150g) burger that stays juicy, flavourful, and does not shrink while you cook it. The Big Bruce was a customer favourite and we are incredibly happy to announce its return.

Even more Amazing Poultry

We have worked with The Butcher Shoppe for a while now and we love their poultry. Now we are strengthening our partnership by adding more of their poultry such as extra lean ground chicken and turkey, chicken burger, turkey burger, and turkey sausage.

New Ribs

We often hear that our Miami ribs are another crowd favourite but we may have found even better ribs. VG meats’ Korean beef short ribs and Southwest marinated beef short ribs are some of the finest ribs we have tasted and are marinated, flavourful, and so easy to cook!

New Add-ons

We have some new additions to our add-ons menu as well. New arrivals include organic bourbon pork back ribs, organic southern pork side ribs, and organic lemon herb pork tenderloin all from McClean’s Meat. They are great on the grill but also fantastic when cooked in the oven. These are seasonally available products so they will start in our add-on section (which is after the “Edit my Box” marketplace) but hopefully, they will be so popular that we move them over to our regular marketplace.

News for Quebec

We are pleased to announce that all Quebec customers will be serviced from our Ontario warehouse as part of our “Rest of Canada” section of customers. This means that you have a lot of amazing new products, too many to even list here (but I have to rave about the new meat sticks, the Big Bruce burgers, salmon, and beef meatballs - all soooo good!). Head on over to the truLOCAL products page and see all the new products for you to add to your next box.

New Products for our “Rest of Canada” Customers

We service nearly every postal code across Canada, even if they are not in BC, Alberta, or Ontario. We group these customers together and refer to them as “Rest of Canada” and we ship them boxes from our Ontario warehouse. But did you know that there are government regulations on what can and cannot be shipped outside of the products' province of origin? Some products are restricted to their origin province but others are licenced to ship outside of their province so we can share them a little easier with our friends in provinces other than those with a truLOCAL warehouse in them (see, we learned something today!). truLOCAL “Rest of Canada” customers have some great new items coming their way too!

The Big Bruce

We talked about how much we love the Big Bruce above but in case you didn't read that section, we REALLY love the Big Bruce! It is 5.3 oz per burger and it doesn't shrink or dry out as it cooks. We used to carry it years ago and we could not be more excited to carry it again. Try these out. You'll be happy that you did.

Hayter’s Turkey

truLOCAL is pleased to partner with Hayter’s Farm in Dashwood, Ontario (think east of Grand Bend, Ontario). Although they are not in our marketplace at the time that I am writing this, they are going to be soon so I wanted to include them on this list. Look for their amazing turkey garlic burger, ground turkey, and turkey sausage in the next week or so. They are incredible poultry products from some incredible farmers.

When you get a chance, can you try these new additions out and let us know what you think on our Facebook page? Keep watching our products page because we have a LOT of new products being added in the next few months (including prepared meals just in time for back-to-school season). 

Article by: Steven Tippin

Posted on July 20th, 2023