The best fish in Canada

It’s time to join our school of fish.

Okay, let’s try to talk about truLOCAL’s greatest catches without overusing the all-too-easy fish puns. You’re likely saying “Thank cod. I’ve haddock up to here with their fish puns.” 

No promises. Fish puns are the best. 

We love seafood and will never go back to the cheap, freezer-burnt stuff available at the big box stores. We prefer to eat high-quality fish that is wild-caught, ideally local too. We love to offer local products but that means that we can’t get every type of fish to every region across Canada but each zone has great fish and it’s worth sea-ing what is available in your Pacific region. So throw on your hip waiters and let’s take a troll across the country and see what fish is best from each region of truLOCAL.

British Columbia

Being so close to the ocean must have its advantages because BC has some amazing wild-caught fish. We have all the staples such as salmon, sablefish, halibut, rockfish, lingcod, and albacore tuna (we also carry fish such as salmon in our add-on section). So many great recipes from just that list alone!

If you love to eat seafood, but not necessarily in fish, you should check out our scallops, lobster tails, and both shrimp and sidestripe shrimp

If those are too fishy for your tastes, try some of our favourite seafood products such as our seafood chowder, sablefish chowder, bacon-wrapped scallops, salmon pot pie, candied salmon nuggets, cod cakes, or salmon lox. The salmon pot pie is similar to a chicken pot pie and is easily one of our favourite items that we offer.


When someone mentions “Alberta” the first thing that most people think of is world-famous beef but we think that our seafood should be world-famous too. Some of it is from the west coast but that’s only because Alberta hasn’t had an ocean for millions of years (seriously, look it up. Alberta used to be the Western Interior Seaway). 

Of course, we carry popular fish like salmon, lingcod, albacore tuna, rockfish, haddock and shrimp but we also sell less common items like crab cakes, scallops, lobster tails, and Dover sole. Sea what we mean when we say that Alberta has a lot of great seafood options? You can also find fish such as salmon in our add-on section.


Who needs an ocean when you are surrounded by the Great lakes, right? Well, we do... sometimes… You see, although the great lakes offer some amazing fish like pickerel, if you want other more popular fish and seafood like salmon, haddock, rockfish, and cod, you will have to look to the oceans (or in our ass-on section for fish like salmon). We love all of our fish but sometimes we feel like something a little fancier like lobster tails, scallops. If you really want to try something amazing, try our salmon burgers next time you fire up the grill - they are a great alternative to red meat. Another favourite among the truLOCAL staff is the wild-caught breaded haddock. You get a HUGE bag of fillets and they are so delicious. We only bring in the best, freshest fish because we won’t eat anything less than the best and we won’t ask our customers to settle either. 


Although we no longer have a warehouse in Quebec, we still service the province from our Ontario warehouse (and so there are increased options for our fish-loving French Canadiens). Quebec customers can select any of the seafood options listed under the Ontario heading above, or just dive on over to Our Products page and select "Fish" from the meat type dropdown menu. We should mention that we have some great fish recipes for our French audience. Our favourite recipes include morue à la noix de coco et au cari, morue enveloppée de bacon, paëlla aux crevettes à l'espagnole, saumon avec salsa de mangue et d’ananas, and spaghetti de pétoncles aux herbes et à l’ail. All of these are available in English as well - just tap the EN at the top right corner of the recipe page.

Well, there we have it. The best truLOCAL seafood from around the Nation without too many fishy puns. No need to surf the net for suggestions for great seafood, just consider us your school of fish


Article by: Steven Tippin

Posted on January 29th, 2024