Don’t be chicken. Try the poultry!

Take a look at the best in poultry from each truLOCAL region in Canada.

Any guesses as to which type of meat is the most popular across Canada at truLOCAL? Did you say elk? Wrong. Beef? Surprisingly wrong. It’s chicken and it makes total sense. Chicken goes so well with so many different flavours and styles of cooking - it might be the most versatile meat out there. We love it because it is lean, packed with protein, and tastes amazing. But with so many different local chicken products from each region, how can you know which truLOCAL chicken option is the best? We will help steer you towards some of our favourites (wait, was that a cow pun in a chicken blog?). Let’s take a stroll across Canada and outline the best of truLOCAL chicken from each region. 

Warning: this blog contains fowl language. No it doesn't. That was just a poultry joke to make up for the beef pun.

British Columbia

BC has some delicious poultry options to wing you over. BC has all the usual cuts of chicken but also some hidden gems. Let’s start with the popular cuts. If you are looking for boneless skinless cuts, we carry boneless skinless chicken breasts but you have to try the non-breaded chicken tenders, and chicken thighs. They are amazing but for a larger group of boneless poultry lovers, consider buying a turkey breast roast - it's all breast meat in a roast!

If you prefer bone-in skin-on poultry, we have plenty of options ranging from bone-in skin-on chicken breasts, bone-in skin-on chicken thighs, turkey breasts, and all the rest of the usuals, including chicken wings. We also sell whole chickens and whole turkeys, which obviously has bones that are great for making broth but if you don't want the meat we carry just chicken bones. If you just want to make the broth, skip all the hard work and just get our chicken broth (it's soooo goood!).

If you want to try something a little different from your poultry, try duck! truLOCAL has so many great options to choose from. We have boneless duck breast, bone-in duck legs, and ground duck, which is a flavourful alternative for ground chicken or ground turkey (please note that we no longer carry duck legs or ground duck). Try it next time you make burgers for a unique alternative to beef or try our chicken burgers or turkey cranberry burgersWe’ve never tried making burgers with ground duck, but we carry it (and the burgers would be amazing now that we think about it). Duck is a great way to try to reinvent some old recipe favourites like duck tacos or duck parmesan.


Alberta is known for their world-class beef but we also love the local chicken. The popular classics in Alberta come in both boneless and bone-in options. We offer boneless skinless options such as chicken breasts, turkey breasts, non-breaded chicken tenders, and chicken thighs but another cool new product is our turkey breast roast - it is all boneless breast meat in a convenient to cook (and clean afterwards) roast shape. if you prefer bone-in skin-on poultry, you’re in luck. Choose from chicken breasts, chicken thighs, chicken drumsticks, chicken legs (both thighs and the drumsticks), turkey thighs, whole chickens, whole turkeys and chicken wings. We also carry a fantastic chicken broth.

The classics are considered classics for good reason but truLOCAL Alberta offers some amazing boneless skinless chicken breasts in not-so traditional, pre-marinated flavours. There's Korean honey garlic, teriyaki, roasted garlic & pepper, and Cajun spice marinated boneless skinless chicken breasts. If you prefer your chicken breasts stuffed, we got you covered there too. We carry two amazing options - broccoli & cheddar stuffed chicken breasts and asparagus & mozzarella stuffed chicken breasts.

If you crave a burger but don’t want to eat beef, try our chicken burgers, turkey burgers, or order ground chicken, extra lean ground chicken, or turkey to make your own burger patties. You could even top them with turkey bacon to make the whole meal take flight.


Yes, of course Ontario has the classics too. If you are looking for boneless skinless chicken, you can't go wrong with our chicken breasts, chicken thighs, or chicken strips (non-breaded). If you prefer your poultry to have the bone-in and skin-on, try our chicken breasts, thighs, or legs (which have both the thighs and drumsticks) but we also offer flattened chickens - they're just like our regular whole chickens but, because the backbone is removed, they can lay flat and cooks in a fraction of the time.

The really big news in Ontario is that we carry a whole line up of organic chicken including classics like boneless skinless chicken breasts and thighs. We have bone-in skin-on options too like whole chicken, flattened whole chicken, and many more (including just the bones for making broth). If you prefer turkey, we have whole turkeys and boneless breast meat roasts.

If you prefer your chicken to have a bit more flavour, try our marinated boneless chicken breasts. These pre-marinated beauties are available in flavours such as chipotle bbq, lemon pepper (please note we no longer carry these - but they were awesome!), or roasted garlic & pepper. They are so good that it will be hard to pick your favourite - although I personally love the lemon pepper (again, disappointed that they are gone) and the chipotle breasts are often in my own box. Another great way to spice up your poultry is to add seasoning to it. Try adding your favourite sauce to our turkey sausages or get some extra lean ground turkey and spice it your way.

It’s pretty easy to compre-hen that truLOCAL customers love poultry. It is our most popular type of meat sold at truLOCAL and so we love when we can bring in new options to offer our customers. With so many great options, there’s no need to be chicken. Try truLOCAL's amazing poultry!

Article by: Steven Tippin

Posted on June 4th, 2024